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Shane Swindells Brewing & Enginering Consultant

Parallel Lines
Dean Hollingworth: “Top work yesterday by Big S Brewing & Engineering Services. Shane was delivering me a new stainless steel mash paddle he made. While he was here, I asked him to do some on site welding, completing a total re-weld of my Mash Tun floor. Straight to the point, fast, efficient & very good on price. I can’t recommend Shane enough.”


As an ex-brewery owner and fully qualified engineer, I understand what makes a brewery tick. I know what you go through every day as a business owner. I understand that you can't afford downtime due to unforeseen problems. This is why I set up Big-S Brewery Consultation, to provide you, as brewery owners, with the no-fuss services you need. 

Man inspecting a manway in brewery fermenter

Brewing Consultation

Brewing consultation services include everything from recipe creation, reviewing and scaling to brewing process, service plans and much more.

As an ex-brewery owner, and head brewer, I have a background in recipe creation as well as recreating heritage recipes.

My "The Cheshire Brewhouse" recipes have won multiple brewing industry awards.

 Awards include several Guild of Fine Food 2- Star awards and a coveted 3-Star Award. 

I have numerous World Beer Awards, and am the one and only best in the world winner of the RMI Analytics Heritage Malt Brewing Award. This was awarded at The World Heritage Malt Symposium in Nuremberg in November 2018

for "Govinda Chevallier Edition".

If you have any recipe consultation requirements, please contact me to book.

3 Fermentation vessels in a brewery

Brewery Trouble Shooting Session

Brewery troubleshooting sessions can include absolutely anything you're having issues with in your brewery. 

 Since setting out as a brewing and brewery engineering consultant, I've helped brewery owners by sourcing difficult to find parts, and carrying out services, repairs, and preventative maintenance to various brewery machinery:

  • Cimec isobaric bottling machines Commac isobaric canning lines

  • Moravek, Raveco & isobaric fillers and beer carbonation devices

  • Vince Johnson cask washers

  • Retro control panels

  • I can also source difficult to find, replacement parts

During corrective maintenance work I've reported other potential issues, then been contracted to fix the additional work, to avoid more downtime later down the line.

Happy customers are my main priority.

Click to book a 1-hour chat.


Hygienic Stainless Steel Welding

Did you know that BIG S offers expert hygienic stainless steel welding solutions?


BIG S specialises in TIG welding to provide hygienic stainless steel welding on:

  • Stainless steel pipework.

  • Stainless steel tank alterations and upgrades to existing installations.

  • If it's stainless steel and needs to be hygienic, we can do it.

BIG S focus on quality in every aspect of our work. Using strict quality control measures to meet the highest standards for welding services. Our welding services meet the highest standards for hygiene, durability, and performance. You won't get better quality anywhere.


We recognise that every project is unique. We'll collaborate with you to understand your specific needs and only provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Safety is our top priority. We meet industry regulations and best practices to ensure safety at all times.


We consider customer communication a key component for our business. We'll keep you updated from initial consultation to project completion.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a quote.

Work Examples

This photo gallery aims to showcase some work that Big S have completed. It shows real products that we've fabricated or made and have working, out in the brewing industry.

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