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What Is The On-Tank Beer Carbonation Unit?

The On-Tank Beer Carbonation Unit is made from stainless steel and carbonates beer in-line, direct from your conditioning tank.

The standard on-tank beer carbonation unit comes with a sight glass and 1.5" Tri-Clamp fittings*.

*Please note, if you use different fittings on your racking arm, we can supply the standard carbonation unit with any adapter fittings required to suit your tank. Please request any alternative adapters** required to suit your needs.

**Additional adapters are priced individually.

How Do I Use The On-Tank Beer Carbonation Unit?
The unit is intended to fit on to your racking point, such as on a pressure rated conditioning tank.

Use the unit to force carbonate your beer with Co2 as you circulate it back in to the tank with top pressure applied. The on-tank beer carbonation unit allows you to precisely carbonate a pressure rated bulk tank accurately in 2-3hrs, rather than in days.

The On-Tank Beer Carbonation Unit helps you to turn a beer around quicker, freeing up the tank for another batch of beer.

The On-Tank Carbonation Unit comes supplied with a sample tap and coil, which allows you to easily check the carbonation level at any point in the process.

Full instructions are supplied with the unit.

On-Tank Beer Carbonation Unit

SKU: OTCU100100
    • Carbonates beer in 2–3 hours
    • Time saving to free up more tank space, quicker
    • Available with any fitting to suit your racking arm
    • Tri-clamp fittings for speed and ease of use
    • Sight glass and pigtail sample point to test carbonation levels
    • Stainless steel construction for sanity and durability
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