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What Are Ceramic Bearings?

CeramicSpeed Long Life Ceramicatech series bearings don’t suffer from the micro-welding issues exhibited by steel bearings. These bearings are a hybrid, they marry ceramic balls with stainless steel. 


What Are The Benefits Of Ceramic Bearings?

Ceramic bearings don’t suffer from micro-welding issues. They’re more reliable, and last much longer than steel ball bearings (up to 8x) with fewer overall issues. Ceramicatech C-series bearings use food-safe lubricants, and are approved for use in the food industry. 


White Paper on Ceramic Bearings

Click to download our white paper on ceramic bearings.

Ceramic Bearings

    • Ceramic ball bearing
    • Stainless steel rings
    • Food safe lubricants approved for use in the food industry
    • 8x longer life than traditional steel bearings
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