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Big S Brewery and Engineering Services

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to the BIG S Brewing & Brewery Blog

Here we'll be introducing Big S Brewery and Engineering Services!

Meet Shane Swindells, the driving force behind Big S. He's not just the owner; he's your go-to Brewing & Engineering Consultant.

As a well-respected brewer and brewery owner (The Cheshire Brewhouse) Shane is more than a big character in the brewing industry. His body is massive, but his brain is bigger. There isn't much Shane can't work out or fix. He has many years of practical experience running a brewery and working in the industry. He built most of the Cheshire Brewhouse's brewery equipment by hand and made it work.

At Big S, we're all about ensuring you're up and running so you can keep on crafting exceptional brews. Shane works tirelessly to provide you with no-fuss, top-notch engineering solutions. If you know Shane, you know there's nothing left to go wrong – he's super thorough.

Join us on a journey of innovation and engineering adventure.

Contact Shane today for a chat about your issues and ask for a no-commitment quote.

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