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BIG S Hygienic Stainless Steel Welding Solutions

Updated: May 1

Welcome to BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services. We work across the brewery and food and beverage sectors. We have a track record of offering impeccable quality and precision on every project. Did you know that we offer expert hygienic stainless steel welding solutions?

BIG S specialises in TIG welding to provide hygienic stainless steel welding on:

  • Pipework.

  • Tank alterations and upgrades to existing installations.

  • If it's stainless and needs to be hygienic, we can do it.

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BIG S Hygienic TIG Welding Services

TIG Welding of Hygienic Stainless Steel Pipework

At BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services, we use advanced TIG welding techniques. We fabricate and install hygienic stainless steel pipework with utmost precision and durability. We can fabricate custom pipe fittings and intricate assemblies and seamless pipelines. Our skilled welders guarantee superior craftsmanship that meets the most stringent hygiene standards.

Tank Alterations

BIG S has years of engineering and welding experience across the brewing industry. We are industry leaders in stainless steel fabrication. We help you by specialising in tank alterations tailored to your specific requirements. We offer modifications to new and existing equipment. Use our experience to help you to enhance your capacity, or optimize functionality. Our experienced team's track record of seamless tank alterations ensures optimal performance. We also ensure that you follow regulatory standards.

Upgrades to Existing Installations

Improve your efficiency and reliability of existing kit with our comprehensive upgrade services. We analyse your existing installations to tell you how to improve or modernise it. Our expert processes help you to optimise and identify areas for improvement. Our upgrade services report on cost-effective upgrades. This allows you to enhance your productivity, and safety performance.

Why Choose BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services?


20+ years of experience in the brewery and engineering industry. BIG S has the expertise and technical skill to tackle the most complex welding projects.

Quality Assurance

BIG S focus on quality in every aspect of our work. Using strict quality control measures to meet the highest standards for welding services. Our welding services meet the highest standards for hygiene, durability, and performance. You won't get better quality anywhere else.

Custom Solutions

We recognise that every project is unique. So, we collaborate with you to understand your specific needs. We only provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Compliance and Safety

At BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services, safety is our top priority. We meet industry regulations and best practices to ensure safety at all times.

Responsive Customer Support

BIG S consider customer communication to be a key component for any business. We'll keep you updated from initial consultation to project completion.

Elevate Your Brewery Operations with BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services

Experience the difference of partnering with a trusted industry leader. Use BIG S for your hygienic stainless steel welding needs. Contact BIG S Brewery & Engineering Services today to discuss your project requirements. Discover how a real expert can help you achieve your goals with precision and reliability.

Click here to Contact Us and schedule a consultation or request a quote.

Click below to see a range of stainless steel welding pictures from recent completed work.

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